Mar 292016

My nameRita-Colon-Urban-Old Westbury-Biology-Professor is Dr Nettles. I have a PhD in Biomolecular Science and an undergraduate degree in Biology and Literature. My mum said that I needed to do a “real degree” so I choose biology even though my true passions are roller derbies and Cornetto™ ice cream. I chose literature as a double degree since it distracted me enough to avoid impure thoughts about boys. That is a rule that I impose on myself and doesn’t originate from a position of religious indoctrination. As I always tell my students: “one cannot become a professor whilst constantly thinking about thick muscular fingers”.

During my PhD, I became a member of the roller derby team “The Molecular Molesters” and we made the local paper by  fundraising for charity by eating Cornetto ice creams. I ate so much that I ended up in hospital. Now, when I think about eating Cornettos it feels like a taboo and I like it even more.

My research focuses on advanced DNA sequencing using the byproducts of toothpaste manufacturing. Although my work is very dear to me, I am planning on giving it up as soon as both my parents die.

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