Jun 172016
Paul willis giving me the finger

This past Wednesday night saw eight, competition ready, academics and clever people debate for their chosen unsung hero of science – someone who deserved more recognition for their scientific career than they received.

The excellent event was organised by The Science Nation and held at RiAus in Adelaide.

The battle was fierce and saw discussion of the topics around LSD, weapons, rats, paleontology and wanking off a dolphin to make sure it concentrated during an experiment. I tried it myself and it just made me tried and sweaty.

I was championing the science and life of the bad arse computer scientist Dr Grace Brewster Murray Hopper and, on the night, I was crowned champion (without at actual crown) of the great debate. I love winning, even more than wanking off animals in the name of science.

I dedicate my win to Simon, my new biggest fan.

For those who like to read competition winning excellence, click below for my speech:

The Science Nation – Unsung Heros

Here are some photos of the event:


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