Aug 302016
Saw Puppet - Lets' play a game!

Hello academics, I want to play a game.

Where you are doesn’t matter. What you know does.

You have spent your life collecting badges of honour – peer-reviewed papers. You’ve worked long and hard to ensure that your name appears on as many as possible. Perhaps your name shouldn’t have appeared on some of those papers. Do you think this is right?

This is your punishment.

While you’ve been reading to this, I have collected your publication list and academic credentials from Scopus and your institution’s website.

I have written a virus which will be released through the internet when this timer gets to zero:

The virus will remove any trace of every paper you have ever produced – erasing you and your life’s work from science’s history.

Below, there are three chemical inventions, two true and one completely fabricated. To stop the virus you have to click on the fabricated invention. If you identify the fake, the virus will not be released. However, should you get it wrong, the virus will be sent on it’s way and a media release will be sent from your institution stating that you sold drugs to your students and your favourite musical group is The Vengaboys. Don’t use Google – you will be punished.

The clock is ticking.


Organinc Chemistry Arsoles

Copper Nanotubes

Polonium Oxide Core Shell Particles



This game has been re-purposed from a presentation I gave at an excellent event organised by The Science Nation: “Spot the Bull S…cience

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