Feb 072017
Ugly face completely bandaged

YOU LOOK FABULOUS DARLING! And a little bit like an android…

Bandaged faces and leaky wounds are one side effect of facial cosmetic surgery. Now researchers from Australia (Oi, Oi, Oi) have found one side effect that doesn’t make your friends throw up in their mouths – increased job satisfaction.

Fear not you ugly fuckers. This week, researchers from the University of Melbourne have found that, following facial surgery, ugly-in-the-face-region people had more self esteem and experienced higher levels of job satisfaction, both in the short and long term.

The world we live in is a horrible place. We judge people on their looks and we shout across the street to them: “Hey, you! You look like a melted bag of used waxing strips!”

As people grow old, wrinkly and see-through, they may start to feel down about how they look. Whilst others have always looked like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down.

Confidence is an important part of attacking the day with your head held high and is the boost you need to high five a barista like in an advert made by a shit advertising company.

Researchers analysed responses from 121 adults who had recently undergone facial surgery. Unfortunately, because some people didn’t answer the questions properly the study ended up with a sample size of 106.

Proving that people can be both stupid and ugly simultaneously.

Not only did the results show that people were more satisfied in their jobs after surgery, there was also a negative correlation with respect to job burnout (that’s a good thing).

Researchers Alicia Kalus and Christina Cregan, from the Faculty of Business and Economics, said “some of the participants looked surprised” and they were unsure whether that was due to the surgery.

In the future, researchers hope that objective processes for selection and promotion will help break the attractiveness bias found in the study.

“If workplaces reward talent and effort, women and girls may come to rely less on the traditional emphasis on beauty as a basis for self-esteem.” Ms Kalus says.



  1. Kalus, A. R. and Cregan, C. (2017), Cosmetic facial surgery: the influence of self-esteem on job satisfaction and burnout. Asia Pac J Hum Resour. doi:10.1111/1744-7941.12137



  One Response to “Ugly and unsatisfied at work? Surgery can help”

  1. The world we live in is horrible, and people deny it to feel better about themselves.

    They don’t want to admit that appearance matters so they tell people it doesn’t, but still discriminate against those who don’t fit into “normal.” If people are mean, it’s because you need to smile more. That’s BS. If you look weird it makes people uncomfortable, and angry.

    I am an abnormal-looking woman, and I can tell you that my life is so hard because of it. I believed people when they told me that looks don’t matter, I was outgoing, had a lot of friends, met a lot of new people, enjoyed the little things in life. And all those interactions made me realize how much appearance matters. I have been consistently called ugly throughout my life. I have had my appearance picked apart by the people around me. Either directly, or indirectly (pretending they’re talking about someone else who happens to have the same features?). Doesn’t matter how nice, friendly, or fun you are if you look weird.

    I am also unfortunate enough to receive horrible treatment by the general public. To such an extent that I don’t leave my house much at all now.

    Australia is know for having very attractive people so the pressure must be a lot higher there.

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