Aug 082017
Prepare yourself, Anthrax is coming

An international team of scientists have found that a mutant form of Anthrax is coming for you and your family. So you probably should have sex with that cute co-worker and/or feel instant regret for all the things you’ve haven’t done…like having sex with that cute co-worker. Or at least that was the subtext of […]

Jul 042017
Science battle: How old can can someone get? Round one, FIGHT!

Arthritic knees, bingo and viagra fuelled orgies are only some of the things you can look forward to if you’re lucky enough to reach old age. Once you hit the retirement village, there are no more rules. You can be rude, racist and sexually inappropriate because, well, you’ve earned it. You’ve adhered to strict social codes for long […]

Jun 132017
Virtual reality, wanking and fear of death

Virtual reality is the future. It offers people the ability to be completely immersed in another world and, obviously, part of that future is looking like a massive twat and masturbating with something more expensive than a real doll: Besides using it to please the devil, scientists from the University of Barcelona (rating of 4.2 on […]

Jun 062017
Chill the fuck out, you're just too high says science

Smoking marijuana or, as it is more commonly known, Pot, Weed, Grass, 420, Ganga, Dope, Herb, Joint, Blunt, Cannabis, Reefer, Mary Jane, Buds, Stinkweed, Nuggets, Chronic, Gangster, Skunk and Wacky Backy, is cool. You don’t need science to tell you that. Although there’s lots of evidence that smoking weed makes you really hungry and everyone knows you’re high, there’s […]

May 302017
Scientists have figured out why Sherpas are so good at sherping

This week, I have teamed up with content partner, Espresso Science, to give you two different perspectives on the same science story. Check out Espresso Science on their website, HERE, on Twitter, @scidocmartin, and Soundcloud.     Now that I’m over 30, I can’t even stand up without having to hold on to a wall […]

May 162017
Bad timing: climate change is separating horny birds from spring time

Climate change is a really big deal…to most of us. As humans, we have fancy ways of dealing with it, such as funding research into renewable energy and impeaching Donald Trump. Stupid ol’ nature, on the other hand, just doesn’t listen when famous climate change deniers such as Lord Mr Monkton explain “things are warming up, sure, […]

May 092017
Science has good news for your flourishing bromance

Is there anything more fulfilling than seeing two grown men lovingly embrace each other then get a little bit embarrassed? I think not. The relationship between same-sex, straight-identifying males is becoming increasingly emotionally intimate thanks to the leftist agenda sweeping across the nation. To get to the no-homo bottom of it, researchers from the University of Winchester, […]

May 022017
Cystitis? Regardless of what the tests say, it almost certainly is

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are very common in women. It’s probably because evolution is playing a cruel trick on them by placing all of the body’s dirty bits within bacteria’s commuting distance. UTIs can be caused by having sex and wearing luminous g-strings but, despite what your mum told you, not necessarily by wiping back to front. […]

Apr 252017
The surprising solution to your plastic waste: caterpillars

I have always tried to stay up to date with the latest trends in genital hygiene, and vaginal douching is one that I have been conflicted about. Sure, I’m all for a super clean vagina but I worry about two things. Firstly, doctors actually recommend that women don’t douche their vagina. It changes the balance […]

Apr 182017
What the fuck are time crystals and why don't I understand?

Despite what most social media science news publications will lead you to believe, science doesn’t, and shouldn’t, always have an end application. In that way, it’s similar to the trend of stretching out ear lobes or, for that matter, any body modification that leaves your dear old granny nauseous. Take a recent discovery from Harvard University (home […]

Apr 112017
Batteries inspired by the veins on big scary willies

It seems like everything we own is now rechargeable: phones, lights, watches, and internet connected dildos. To facilitate our sexy, cordless existence, all of these devices need a battery. The problem is that the batteries used for our strangulation-proof-life become degraded by frequent recharging. The sort of frequent recharging required during an all-night, swipe right binge on tinder […]