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Re: Getting buff

In the last episode Andy reported that I asked for Science This Getting Buff.

I just wanted to say that I feel I was slightly verballed by Andy on that.

The thing is that Andy is always complementing my, modestly sculpted, arms, which have recently been revealed to the world thanks to SaSamba’s new sexy summer uniform. I suggested that Andy go and modestly scuplt his own arms, but he complained that it would take too long. Hence, I suggested you need to Science This Getting Buff for Andy’s benefit.

However, I do take Andy’s point that not everyone has the right personality to enjoy spending huge amounts of time doing activities with very delayed, if any, benefits, and in splendid isolation, such as Getting Buff 5 days/week or writing and re-writing inappropriately and inconsiderately long posts on Internet fora. So I think one challenge for Science This Getting Buff is finding ways that yield early and frequent positive results for the attention-challenged & outcome-oriented. E.g. Science This Enjoying Getting Buff.