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Ha! Good to hear.

I love the idea of an open source model for science. We can do much better than peer reviewed papers these dates. Let’s face it, that’s a model that was developed in the 1800s. Technology has moved on a little since then.

The big stumbling block isn’t the technology. Distributed version control has been around since the 90s. That’s a solved problem (no blockchain required unless you need to apply for funding in which case drop the word blockchain a few times in your pitch and millions will pour in your direction). It’s the measurements. How do you fit open collaboration into a measurement model that relies on h indexes and number of papers written to judge success? Measurement drives behaviour.

Full disclosure here.. I’m not a scientist (I’m a business and leadership coach as my day job). I just look at science from the outside (face pressed up against the window, looking at all the shiny things inside, wishing I had studied harder at school so I could be inside with you guys).