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Hey folks. Should respond to the question you asked – how does a business coach end up knowing stuff about science?

Well… My Dad was a scientist. He had a PHd in food science and was one of Australia’s leading food scientists. He was chief scientist for cottees for many years. Worked at the CSIRO (before it was the CSIRO) of and did a bunch of other cool stuff before becoming a manager or food companies. So science was always in the family.

I didn’t end up a scientist, I went into engineering instead (because I wanted an actual secure job) but keep up a keen interest. New Scientist is my breakfast reading. I own brief history of time (like millions) and and have actually read it (unlike millions). I keep up to date with Australian science through things like Australian Science Channel (which is where I found you jokers).

These days I teach leaders how to lead using essentially the scientific method – hypothesis testing, emperical, data driven decision making. I don’t call it scientific management because that’s why they used to call the old 50s style time and motion studies which everyone hates.

I also teach conflict management and act as neutral facilitator for a lot conflict so your science this on arguments interested me greatly. That’s a lot of what I do. I hate to say this but bulk T-bag (catering pack) was nearly right – one of the biggest jobs of the facilitator is to find, not so much the topic, but the common purpose – something the parties can agree on and move from there. There is a lot of science (well psychology which is close) in that as well.

BTW-I can work with universities, so if your institutions have disfuctional management and lots of conflict, get your vice chancellor to give me a call.