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Yo from BigSon aka Falcon aka Bulk Phoenix aka T-bone aka G-money to hinjerbiochem. My thoughts on the “disappearing supervisor” problem are as follows

– Try to find a senior member of the research group such as a postdoc or PhD student and ask if they can give you any help or assistance. Sometimes in lab groups its the research staff or senior students who do the “defacto” supervising of students

– Keep e-mailing your supervisor. If someone has taken you on to supervise you in a project they have a responsibility to help and assist you in that project. E-mails are also a written record of your communication and you never know if in the future you may need to provide evidence that you were doing your best to get guidance from your supervisor. If you are getting no responses then keep sending a couple of e-mails a week until you get a response

– In your e-mails ask your supervisor if there is anyone you can go to for assistance. The “disappearing supervisor” is often expert at handballing work and supervision to other people.

Hope this helps.