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Could you please discuss just how scientifically accurate “the Martian” film is.
Also, I once read that if you had more than 61 cups of coffee (in one day) it would kill you…is this true?

I’m a DOP in film and advertising, the colour green has more shades than any other….is there a scientific reason to this? Do you use green in order to see more depth and detail when using microscopes, or any other sciency utensil?

Another question while I’m at it, On episode 6 of PPoP Ian states he only washes his hands after he goes to the toilet. If he doesn’t wash his hands before he goes to the toilet then is his penis really dirty pre wee, as touching it without washed hands means bacteria he has touched throughout the day has now amalgamated on his penis until he cleans said penis. Is this true?

ps I didn’t buy the music by VoiceROM, my bum fell out. So I spent the money I should have spent on the music on a trolley. I now drag it behind me everywhere I go.

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