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    Hi everyone!

    So for the last few months due to annoying technical difficulties, I have not been able to regularly listen to PPoP as normal, and in the last week or so after solving all the problems, to catch up I’ve pretty much binge-listened to all the episodes I’ve missed…
    …Including the episode that started off talking about if science was a supervisor, and how Andy was my supervisor during my honours year, and kinda asked me to comment on it on here, which I’ve missed, and now feel a bit bad for not doing.

    I think that this episode was released like 2 months ago (episode 60 – Deserted Island Science Survival and Assessing Assessments), but I’ve been wanting to join the forum for ages and now I have something to say so why not!

    Anyway, so Andy as a supervisor! I haven’t had too many supervisors before apart from a few “mini honours” style research projects I was on during my undergrad and my other supervisor during honours (I was lucky enough to have two co-supervisors), but he was the only non condescending supervisor I’ve had.

    I don’t know if this is common, or specific to only me, or if I’m being whingey and spoilt, but I felt like a few of the other supervisors/academics I’ve had to work with were incredibly condescending and made it feel like I wasn’t there to learn, but rather to finish left over work, if that makes sense. They were also not very approachable not always encouraging. No trying to put down or blame any of the academics at the uni I was at, some were fairly good, but other students felt the same way as I did in some cases.

    Andy was not only not that, but he was actually very fair, and I did feel like if something bad happened in the lab I could approach him without being yelled at (which has happened to me before, by a supervisor during a mini project, with a heavy Russian accent… it was terrifying!)

    It was also very relaxed working in the lab, there were many hilarious and strange but very fun conversations and I learnt heaps while being his student, it was definitely one of the better experiences of uni for sure! It was a bit sad when Andy left towards the end, but I wasn’t staying either, so it was only a few months without a fun supervisor.

    Anyway, I could go on heaps, although it’s probably not super relevant now seeing as this episode was so long ago, but I thought I might share something nice.

    This is Yoni by the way 😀


    Also on that note, Chris was a great AFM training teacher & mentor, also very fair and full of patience. Also he was the only like higher academic person who didn’t have something negative to say when I finished honours right at the end and decided not to continue with science and begin an ECR career, so that was nice.

    Cameron also had a small part, towards the end after Andy left and my other supervisor vanished for a few days he was there to give me support during my Viva panel (or what it’s called, I forget), and spent an afternoon prepping me which was a big help.

    So yea, all you guys really helped me out heaps in my last year of being in science! So huge thank you to you all, you are all great supervisors/mentors!


    Thanks for this, Yoni.

    we are recording tonight so will give this the response it deserves!

    Hope you are well!


    Thank you for reading this out! I’m also glad to hold the title of the longest post 😀
    Hearing this out loud I feel like maybe I was a little harsh as some of my other supervisors were also lovely and supportive, but no one was nearly as fun as Andy!

    I think I might still be feeling some anger and frustration whenever I think back to my time in honours as there were a very small handful of people who left me with bitter feelings. Also, they weren’t necessarily the reason why I didn’t continue but helped reassure that this was possibly not the ideal environment for me to stay. While I’ve had friends echo similar thoughts I don’t think it would be specific for a uni or research environment as I guess it could happen in any workplace…

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to respond to this on the podcast!

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