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    Hi PPoPers

    As a fanatical home brewer, your last science this made me cry a little.

    Andy – If your beer tastes like Marmite there are a couple of potential problems. The most likely is that you made the mistake of reading the instructions on the kit. They always tell you to brew too hot. You want to brew at 16-18c, and not the 25+ the kits tell you to use.

    Cameron – Unfortunatly the sheer stresses involved in forming your thin film would tear the yeast apart… Remember, you are dealing with biology here not chemistry.

    T-Bag – Look up original pussy beer. Go on. You know you want to….

    Hsppy to discuss brewing… At length… Brewers are even worse than chemists when it comes to micromanaging the brew process.

    Dave (long time listener, first time commenter)

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