Nobody around me is happy that I listen to your potcast, popularity is overrated


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    My name is Ben Babourina-Brooks and I’m an Alumni of Flinders, BSC:Nanotechnology(hons) finished Nov 2006. Did my undergraduate with my now bff’s Blanchy and Pandas/Flanders Barlow, I think through their facebook likes I found this “show”. Also (or p.s?), Jo Shapter taught Chemistry and was head of the Nano degree, so I was saddened to hear he had moved on to Queensland of all places! (I did my Phd in Queensland, also find my life story cover letter and tailored CV attached for this thread :P).

    I digress, I have been listening to your podcast during my commute from Birmingham to Nottingham (the Oxford/Cambridge of my research field MRI) and am up to episode 47. I was going to wait til I caught up before posting, but while on a coffee high and waiting for my analyses to finish “I thought what you waiting for?”

    Thanks for the entertainment, love Andys childish crudeness, love Cams science this’ and enjoy Chris’ self absorption. You three bounce off each other nicely. You’ve covered alot of ground regarding ECR issues and its key to keep the conversation going until some of these issues get addressed. As I don’t believe current PI’s are fully able to comprehend or aid the process, think it will take the now ECR’s who survive the rat race to change the system. Assuming AI’s don’t take our jobs by then.

    The real reason for starting this topic, as a Brit (yorkshire) turned half Aussie by my 14 years of living in Radelaide my accents specific, (kind of canadian, aussie and british at times) but recently its gone full Ocka due to constantly listening to you people (well mainly chris lol). Anyway no one likes my new accent they think I’m putting it on Crocodile Dundee style, I wish I was that would be great.

    Therefore, Science this: Engineering the perfect accent.

    Finally I may have missed it but whats the origin story for the nickname “balls out Barlow”.

    Bloody hell this felt like a Chris’ news segment.

    Cheers for skim reading this (more than two sentance emails boom skim read).
    Be well.

    P.s. Best not to read all this if that’s what you do do (hehe dodo).
    p.p.s now the intros out the way I’ll think if I can actually offer some more useful feedback or content ideas.
    p.p.p.s Can one of you proof read and fix grammar and spelling mistakes, this will get you co-authorship surely right?


    Hi, Ben (BBB)!

    Thanks for listening to the podcast and your kind words! I hope your coffee high was a fun ride :).

    I think Gibbo likes the alliteration around balls out Barlow – I wish there was a more interesting story…keep listening and we’ll do your science this next recording!

    Keeping ECR topics at the front of people’s minds is important if any change of “the system” is to be realised. I worry that after being through it ecrs will turn into the PI’s that we all know and love – just by being through the system!

    Say hello to your new besties for me!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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