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    After what T.Bone did with kissing, I’m all for handshaking, could you please science that? The art of handshaking!



    A few suggestions for science this: football, beer brewing, and moving between countries



    There’s nothing like “working from home” or freelancing like Andy is doing it now, let’s say that’s baseline, then you’ve got living close to work, so commuting isn’t too bad. But what about that long distance commute to work specifically!(?) please guys science it. And whoever says that loves traveling long distances in the city will be just talking bullshit, no one does, regardless how do the travel.
    Gibbo, I miss you.
    Cameron, I challenge you to learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee.
    Andy, don’t be a bully.


    Perfect sciencing of nicknames!!

    I am one who was given a name other than my own. My real name is Rhiannon, Noni is some sort of fruit from Tahiti (or a gift from God in Swahili) – Andy I could count towards preliminary data for your grant application?


    Can you science fashion?? Going from PhD to postdoc to (??) can mean wearing different clothes, who can tell what that is meant to be!


    I’m going to keep talking to myself on here! 😀
    Can you science hair? I mean the best/real products, there’s a lot of BS marketing out there right?

    Luckily we don’t need first hand experience (or lots of hair) to apply our transferable science skills 😛



    My apologies if any of these have been done before.

    Lunch breaks
    Bad drivers

    And to get in the spirit of the holidays…

    Thank you notes
    Holiday decorations
    Holiday baking
    Family get-togethers?

    Love the show! Thanks PPoP team 🙂



    Re: Getting buff

    In the last episode Andy reported that I asked for Science This Getting Buff.

    I just wanted to say that I feel I was slightly verballed by Andy on that.

    The thing is that Andy is always complementing my, modestly sculpted, arms, which have recently been revealed to the world thanks to SaSamba’s new sexy summer uniform. I suggested that Andy go and modestly scuplt his own arms, but he complained that it would take too long. Hence, I suggested you need to Science This Getting Buff for Andy’s benefit.

    However, I do take Andy’s point that not everyone has the right personality to enjoy spending huge amounts of time doing activities with very delayed, if any, benefits, and in splendid isolation, such as Getting Buff 5 days/week or writing and re-writing inappropriately and inconsiderately long posts on Internet fora. So I think one challenge for Science This Getting Buff is finding ways that yield early and frequent positive results for the attention-challenged & outcome-oriented. E.g. Science This Enjoying Getting Buff.



    Hi guys,
    I was reminded of this article with your recent discussion about forming opinions, with heated topics of global warming / vaccination etc:
    I would be interested to see if you three could solve any of the world’s great problems with science? Anything in figure 1 would be good.
    Perhaps you could figure out a way to get policy makers to deal with evidence in their decision making instead of “alternative facts” and misinformation, while you are at it..


    Guys, I need some help, can you science catering for work lunches? :S

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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