Mar 292016

These worksheets are designed for undergraduate students who want practice questions that are much more interesting than the ones in the text book.


1. After years of practice, Fred’s anal cavity holds 5 L of liquid at body temperature (37°C). If Fred wanted to get off by exerting 3 atmospheres of pressure in his ass, how many moles of N2 should he use? It it something he should do regularly?

2. Susan has just bought an asphyxiation mask for a little breath play with her new partner. Once sealed around her neck it expands elastically with the amount of air that you fill it up with. If it is filled with 0.2 moles of air what is the volume of the mask? Should the warranty cover over inflation?

3. Arnold’s mum has a collection of 18 dildos that she keeps in a 10 L sealed bag. After a visit to her common interest group, she accidentally leaves the bag outside and 0.02 moles of moisture on the dildos evaporates. If the bag is 80ºC what is the pressure in the bag in kPa? How does it smell?

4. Beth has just bought a budget inflatable boyfriend. It takes 5 L and 0.02 moles of air to fill him up. When she is laid on top of “him”, the pressure goes up to 1.1 atm which, in combination with the vigorous movement, causes the temperature to rise. what is the temperature of the “man”. Should she buy the deluxe version?

5. Jeremy has always been interested in Brazilian fart porn. He decides to buy a balloon full of fart from his favorite actress. The balloon holds 0.01 moles of gas at room temperature. What is the volume of the balloon? Will it fit through the letterbox?

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